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About Us

We are a team of shoe lovers that combine their passion in order to help people around the globe to secure their beloved (and very very limited) pairs in trusted web retailers like and Our method is a unique combination of human effort with a success rate up to 90%. But, what is that we do that others do not?

Our main difference is that we are not bots. We are people sitting behind computers organizing other computers in order to find, secure and finally help you checkout your order. Sounds too complicated, right? Well it is not. Below we explain the method analytically step by step so everyone can understand EXACTLY what we are offering here:

1. First of all you go to and see a pair that you absolutely must have.

2. You select your US shoe size and then you press the big button that prompts you to use PayPal in order to complete your order to us.

3. You then receive a mail by us in the next 48 hours that provide you with the credentials of the retailer that is going to be used in order to be able to checkout the shoes, along with the exact date and time of the release.

4. That’s it. All you will have to do then, is to login to the retailer’s website during the release hours and wait for our notification that your shoe has been added to your cart.

5. Press the checkout button and place your order.

6. Be proud that you own of those extremely limited shoes you were craving for so long


Only 1 shoe per address is permitted.

In case of failure of adding a pair in the cart, full refund will be provided by us. In any other case, no refunds will be granted.

Please make sure to check your mail constantly during the release hours so as not to miss our notification, as the shoes stay in the cart for less than half an hour.