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How It Works

Below is a full guide with steps in order to fully explain the process:

1) We post a listing of a certain limited pair

2) You decide to buy our SECURING SERVICE for that pair

3) You complete the purchase by using Paypal

4) After we receive your payment, we send an email shortly, stating that your purchase is complete

5) After that, we will go through all the requirements to set an account for you in our retailers’ site with the information you provided

6) During 48 hours before the shoe’s release, you will receive a mail stating all the credentials in order to login to the retailers’ site


7) During the release hours, you will need to check your mail constantly for a notification by us that your shoe has been added to your cart

8) After you see the notification, you login to the retailer’s site and go to your cart

9) If everything went down correctly, your shoe will be waiting for you there

10) Press checkout, pay the full price (Shoe Retail Price + shipping to you), and that’s it

11) You are the proud owner of a limited edition Nike Shoe!