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Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a sneaker securing, you the buyer are hiring us as your Online Representative in your behalf to secure a pair for you.

This means that you are contracting us ( to secure a pair for you (Buyer) at one of our retailers of our choice. As the rules state, a person is allowed to order one pair per shipping address. We will submit the information that you provided, on your behalf in good faith of payment for services rendered and not on the grounds of successful pair securing. You are paying for the time spent trying to obtain the shoe slot for you; not for the shoe itself. You agree that you are buying our time and not a service, rsvp, sneaker and or product because that is against Nike’s rules.

We advertise guaranteed Securing but have no control over the outcome of any Pair Securing due to but not limited to retailers’ intervention, program errors, retail store fraud, 3rd party interference ect. We guarantee that we will do our job and secure your pair in the cart of the retailer at some time after the release time.

You agree that we are not responsible for any outcome of us acting on your behalf. You agree to receive no benefits from us if such a situation should take place with the Retailers, You, ServingShoes or its owners. You agree not to take any legal action against ServingShoes or its owners.

You agree that any money spent on our services are non refundable, after a shoe securing is successful. Any charge backs (Bank and credit card fraud and or reversals) will result in a cancellation of any services obtained (We will contact the retailer and have them delay and/or even cancel the order). You agree that any refunds that are due to be delivered are to be delivered at our sole discretion. We ( agree to refund 100% of all money obtained from buyer if we feel the service was not completed at our sole discretion.

After our service is completed the contract shall be terminated. You agree that ServingShoes will no longer be responsible for anything that happens after the Sneaker Securing. You agree that picking up any products is your responsibility and to not hold ServingShoes liable for things out of our control. Any non pickup of products, wrong size of product, sold out products or errors at the retailers’ end are not our problem. After the contract has been terminated you agree that no refund will be given due to services having been already rendered.

*We reserve the right to modify and/or change the terms of service at any time.